Become a ‘listening’ practice

With a simple client feedback tool at its heart, Listenback is a system of continuous professional improvement for architects.

This unlocks a whole world of commercial opportunity for you.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Informs marketing and business development strategy
  • Provides robust evidence of your value
  • Reputation management
  • Client Acquisition and Retention

  • Helps you to bid for and win work
  • Builds client trust and loyalty
  • Helps to manage client relationships
  • Integrates with quality management systems (ISO 9001)
  • Business Savvy

  • Can boost profitability
  • Makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Builds business resilience
  • Can turn your staff into a sales team

What’s more, there are business-critical benefits for your clients, too:

  • Improves quality assurance
  • Pre-empts problems
  • Mitigates risk before, during and after projects

Client-centred management

The Listenback tool prompts your clients for feedback on factors that matter most to them.

Using it shows you are committed to the client experience, which leads to better client satisfaction and more recommendations.

  • Collect Feedback

  • Collecting Listenback feedback equips you to respond to clients’ immediate project needs
  • Respond

  • Adopting the wider Listenback system allows you to build trust and loyalty, putting your practice on a sounder commercial footing
  • Track

  • Aggregating all your clients’ feedback gives you a key performance indicator to help you to plan and manage your business development strategy

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Giving Confidence

The catch 22 for architects is that clients are reluctant to hire practices they haven’t worked with before. Even then they might be uncertain about repeating the process if the architect does not demonstrate a willingness to learn from things that did not go smoothly.

The Listenback system changes that.

  • Reassurance

  • The Listenback feedback tool actively reassures clients that you have their best interests at heart.
    Having feedback data ‘proves’ what you are like to work with – information you can share with current and prospective clients.
  • Feedback culture

  • Integrating into your work culture with minimal disruption, the Listenback system gives you the mindset, processes, and data to drive professional excellence and business success.
  • Asking about things that matter

  • Research shows that clients of all sizes and types, regardless of the sector they operate in or the kinds of buildings they build, measure satisfaction with their architects’ management performance according to the same criteria.
    These factors are generic and universal.

Key Performance Metric

The fact that all clients want the same things is powerful. It means that architects can compile a meaningful management performance metric using just one set of factors.

The Listenback system turns client feedback into robust numerical data that can be aggregated into a single constantly updated rating.

This benchmarks what you are like to work with and tracks improvements. It allows you to identify weaknesses and strengths, giving you the insights you need to improve professionally and boost profits.