Client feedback strategy services

With senior management buy-in, Listenback feedback provides valuable data that can be turned into a key performance indicator.

Listenback consultancy can help you to institute a culture of client care in your practice, suited to your way of working and your particular strategic objectives.

To really maximize the benefits of a feedback strategy, Listenback can advise on incorporating formal mid-stream feedback into your workflow.

It can advise on:

  • Communicating your feedback strategy to different client segments
  • Tailoring the strategy to suit your way of working
  • Maximizing rates of feedback
  • How to interpret feedback
  • How to use the data to monitor or adjust your strategic direction
  • How to act on the findings

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Communications strategy services

Listenback consultancy uses relevant industry evidence to write targeted marketing copy, punchy articles for publication, and effective thought-leadership reports. This builds on three core principles:

  • Standing out from the crowd

  • Research shows that clients take architects’ high quality of design for granted, with certain important exceptions. It is a given and therefore difficult to lean on as a market differentiator. We have to differentiate you in other ways.
  • Confronting bias

  • Biased or otherwise, clients suspect some architects of being less good at managing their projects than others. Before the building is built and because large sums of money are involved, they are focused on process and risk, and so this suspicion looms large. Our goal is to convince that you are a safe pair of hands as well as superb designers.
  • Speaking your clients’ language

  • Your communications must make the business case for design. Clients are generally much less interested in the architecture than you are, especially when financial push comes to shove. We must speak their language to prove that you are on their side.

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